Onedevteam News


Onehashgenerator v0.1b is online.

Calculate MD5 hash checksum of your files.

Read more info about Onehashgenerator and download it here

28.12.2011 web site, home of onedevteam software development is redesigned. Nested tables are lost for ever and site should be fully html5 and css3 compatibile... More news to come soon...


OneConverter for Android v0.1a is finnaly online. Find out more about it here!


New software from OneDevTeam. OneCodeVault keeps your code snippets all in one place. Group them by programming language or category, search by keyword in a code or description. Click here to find out more about OneCodeVault!


Our first application is OneCodeViewer, Simple and quick application for quick browsing of source files... It currently supports XML, HTML, borland pascar, C#, SQL, PHP, CSS and C++ files... More supported types to come soon... Click here to find out more about OneCodeViewer